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My experiences as a new keeper learning to make fruit fly cultures.

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Granny's Fruit Fly Culture's Take Two

Before I get into my new cultures, I would like to talk about the cultures I thought had crashed.   Of my old cultures, I made two D. Melanogaster and 4 D. Hydei.   The D. Melanogaster flourished, are still producing and are what I used to start my two new ones. The D. Hydei to my eyes crashed and all the fruit flies died.   When making new ones I decided to keep two of the old crashed ones so I could continue to watch. My biggest curiosity was to see if/when mites devolved.   Today while checking my new cultures I give the old two a glance and to my surprise, they were both teaming with babies all adults are dead so I really didn't think I would see this. So I will see if we can get them producing. So more updates to come.     On to the new cultures.   After figuring out why my old cultures died out, I decided to start again with a new culture recipe. I took out a few of the things I used in my last cultures and added a few new things. I also used a blender this time and hot water. Another change was allowing the cultures to sit overnight before adding the fruit flies.   After letting the cultures sit overnight, I noticed they were really runny so after posting and getting the all clear lol I added cornmeal as a thickener. So far the cultures look great and there has been no die off, but it's only been three days.   If all goes well I will be doing an update in one week   Granny ~
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