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4 H kids!



tongue.gif Thank you very much, you are very kind! :-)

Every year the kids in the 4-H club make a display case with insects in them and they show them in our county fair and get a ribbon based on their pinning method, their classification of the insects, and the overall look of the case. We have a meeting once a month where the kids can bring in their own insects that they find and they pin them and we discuss many different insect related topics. Every once in a while the key leader and I can find a nice person like you to make a donation for the kids. The exotic species really make the displays amazing!

At the meeting this week when the kids display the mantids and tomorrow when the key leader and I display your mantids I'll take some pictures of how the pinning process is done along with some pics of the kids pinning the mantids. This summer when the cases are all finished I'll send you some pics of them too!