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orders received 3/8/10



Well, Hello..

I just received two beautiful Giant Shield Mantis (thank you) – I actually thought they would be a little bit larger in size? I jumped the gun for food –we had a container of meal worms which are twice the size of my new pets. Now – I would like them to grow nice and big….in looking at your site – can you tell me exactly what I should be ordering for food for these guys? Your site has so many choices – not sure where to begin. What I would like to do is order some live fruit flies and be able to grow fruit flies.

Any help with this is most appreciated and thank you for your service.

I have shared your site with all my friends…..


Hi Rebecca,

The lil nymphs just arrived, and all are fine! They are lively and hopping all over. Going to transfer them to their homes in a bit as soon as I finish setting up the twigs.

And wow, the mystery mantis?? Wasn't expecting that, though I did read about it on the site. Thank you very much. So, let me guess?? Is the mystery guest a Chinese mantid? Or, is it a mystery because we don't know what it is til it matures? LOL.

Very exciting, they are too cool.