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New Mantis Update



This is a rather ridiculously belated blog post, but oh well. I ended up ordering another mantis, this time a ghost because I've heard so much about them on the forum and they had really started to grow on me. So I got this tiny little thing in the mail on Friday, May 3rd. (I'd forgotten how small they started out!) The nymph was pretty clearly a girl by the shape of her prothorax (like an arrowhead) and my sister named her Lenie, after another book character who's about as twisted mentally as this my little girl looks! She molted to L3 the following Wednesday (5/8) and just molted to L4 last Tuesday (5/21) with no problems. She'll eat pretty much whatever I give her (except for mealworms). Lenie is extremely fast and I can be a nervous wreck trying to hold her because she moves and jumps so quick!


Siri's new theme song has been Petty's "Learning to Fly": he scared the heck out of me last Monday (5/20) when we were calmly watching TV and Siri decided he wanted to test drive his new wings. So now he gets to come out only in the bathroom after I've Siri-proofed it. Last night he was doing a lot of flying, and when I asked on the forum, it appears he's looking for ladies. He's also dieting too, I guess, because he's been a lot more active and less inclined to wolf everything down. (He only eats his favorite part sometimes... the head.)



Can't remember if I posted about this or not (don't think so) but I got Siri a new home in a Kritter Keeper with Malaysian drift and faux plants. I really like the setu-up so I am planning one (albeit smaller) for Lenie too.

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