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  2. Just got home from a work party in Amherst, MA, needless to say it was a long night(2:30 am)! Just checked in on the mantids and The darker of the two ghosts molted. She's now the same size as the other! Sweet!

  3. Just went downstairs and my Peruvian Leaf mantis female is laying an ootheca! Cool! 

  4. Learning so much about the ghost mantis! Such an interesting species! Trying to raise the humidity and turn them green! 🙂

  5. Foxhill


    I was aware they had 5 eyes. when I turn the hierodula round in the light I can see different pupils come in to view so I assumed there was multiple eyes within the 2 obvious ones.Thanks for pointing out the 3 simple ones. I need that book. Thanks MG. God Im dumb
  6. Foxhill


    Ive a lot to learn
  7. Earlier
  8. I am very impressed that they can eat blue bottle flies! They're so small, but that doesn't stop them! Again, having a blast with them! 


  9. MantisGirl13


    @Foxhill Those are the simple eyes. They can only sense light and darkness. - MantisGirl13
  10. I'm am so excited that I am broadening my knowledge with different mantis species. On Friday(12/7/18) I received two female L4 Ghost mantids! One brown and one orange! Pretty excited!

  11. I'm so happy to announce that my female Hierodula maj, is finally able to mate with her boo! She's been an adult since mid July and she laid one infertile ooth. Every ooth now will be fertile! So happy and I got sent good footage and pictures!

  12. Male Peruvian leaf mantis passed away yesterday. Sad, but I am glad that he was able to fulfill his purpose of mating! Will also attempt to breed my Hierodulas tomorrow! 

    1. Prayingmantisqueen


      Awww thats too bad...

  13. Foxhill


    Antennae clean
  14. Foxhill


    an alien implant??
  15. Foxhill


    Does anybody know what the function of those 3 silver dots on the forehead are... The Hierodula also has them on the other pic
  16. Foxhill


  17. Foxhill


  18. Foxhill


  19. I'm very happy to announce that my Pseudoxyops perpulchra (Peruvian Leaf mantis) pair are down stairs mating! I'm excited to work with this species again!

  20. Hierodula sp. have became increasingly popular. Specifically the brightly colored H. Majuscla. Also, Rhombodera sp. If anyone could make one, that would be great!
  21. Cole 78


    My fav is the giant rainforest mantis
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