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  3. szy

    1x Rhombodera sp . IMG 196 ooth

    pls price

  4. Im interested in the Giant African Millipedes!


    Shoot me an email at jsenn10@yahoo.com if you still have some available! 

  5. Been a while since I've been around! Sorry about that. Been busy with other types of pets and haven't had many mantids for a while, just Tenodera sinensis. But I'm looking to get back into this hobby... What's everyone been up to?

  6. Dang it! When I walked in to visit first thing this morning my Chinese was molting and hanging by one leg. He still has one leg still stuck in the old shed. I backed away very slowly hoping not to disturb and make things worse. I zoomed in on him later using my phone from across the room and he is now on the bottom of the enclosure and I don't know if he fell or not. If that is the case, his fall would have been from a height of 3-4 inches which I have been told is usually fatal. :(  Is there anything I can do to help or is it best to stay out of the room and hope for the best. I haven't had a mantis die on me before... so wish the little guy luck.

    1. Synapze


      He no longer has use of his hind legs. He has been moving around and I gave him a fly this morning and he was able to catch and devour. I hope I don't lose him at next molt. I have read that once the hooks on the hind legs are lost the mantis usually dies at the next molt. 


      The bright side... my H. membranacea molted successfully last night. 

    2. Synapze


      My Chinese mantis is still hanging in there. Notice his hind legs. He still hasn't managed to remove the shed skin. It seems the equivalent of trying to take off the tightest pair of jeans possible while wearing sneakers. I think his left hind leg is a lost cause, but he had been using the right and I've even seen him hanging from it to stabilize. Unfortunately, I believe the hook he's relying on (tarsus?) is part of the old skin. He seems to have better mobility today than yesterday. He's sociable and curious today.  I hope this is something that will improve in the next couple of molts. I think he is L4/L5... not sure because I wasn't tracking as well as I should. :(20180528_100202.thumb.jpg.12abcaae9bee9f596ce4970814925b3a.jpg

  7. MantisGirl13

    New babies!

    I have updated my mantis collection! I just got two new L2-L3 Brunneria borealis (Brunner's mantis!), and ten budwings, all from Patty. That makes my current collection a whole lot bigger! I am getting ready to spend my summer in a campground in Northeast, Maryland. The mantids will have their own tent, and all the luxuries and freshly caught food that a mantis could want. I am hoping to get orchid mantids this summer, too! I am looking forward to the summer, and all of the fun I will be having, freaking people out when I walk into a public place with a mantis on my shirt. (Cause who doesn't love to do that?) - MantisGirl13
  8. MantisGirl13

    Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

    Very nice! They are a pretty rare species. Do you still have any?
  9. mantiseater

    Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

    They were from a breeder who collected the species several years ago.
  10. MantisGirl13

    Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

    WOow! Where did you get them??? - MantisGirl13
  11. mantiseater

    Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

  12. MantisGirl13


    Such amazing eyes! - MantisGirl13
  13. Goodday Lars,

    I was wondering if you are still selling mantises. If you are can you please let me know what the best way to contact you is outside of the forum.


  14. MantisGirl13

    20140313 MG 0452

    Wow! Looks like you had a lot of time, a lot of mantids, and a great camera! - MantisGirl13
  15. MantisGirl13

    Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

    Are they yours? - MantisGirl13
  16. MantisGirl13

    My Mantids

    I am kind of new to the forum right now, but I am not new to the mantis collecting hobby. I have five L6 Phyllocrania paradoxa, and one L5 Phyllocrania paradoxa. I have two L5 female Sphodromantis gastrica, one L5 Gongylus gongylodes, one L3 Tenodera sinensis, a pre-sub or sub-adult female Miomantis paykulii, and one sub-adult female Blepharosis mendica. I am getting eight new mantids from Patty on Wednesday: a male Miomantis paykulii, five L2-3 budwings, and two L2-3 Brunneria borealis. I will post pictures when I can get a camera (soon!). - MantisGirl13
  17. mantiseater

    Majangella moultoni

  18. I am interested in your Damon diadema Email me at luvinrice@gmail.com

  19. New proud owner of four Hierodula majuscula!  Pretty pumped!  Thanks Precarious!

    1. minomantis


      Very proud to report that the fourth and final mantis (Hierodula majuscula) molted this morning!  I have 4 beautiful female adults and I couldn't be happier! Woo!!

  20. Excited to start raising mantids again!  Will keep you all posted!

  21. Happy birthday.

  22. rantology


  23. aesculpius


  24. aesculpius


    I use a canon 5Ds with either a MP-e 65mm or 100 f2.8 L macro. I use alien bees for lighting. I have some tripods and focusing rails obviously. I also have tubes, bellow, etc but they're just not that useful with this lens set up. They are a cheap way to get macro though. I would suggest a focus rail for extreme macro work. The one linked bellow is cheap and quite usable. There's some wiggle when it's not tightened but at that price you literally can't complain. To get anything better is hilariously expensive. https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Focusing-Close-Up-Shooting-Standard/dp/B009SJ7UWU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1516740689&sr=8-3&keywords=focusing+rail
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