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  4. Hi, Noticed the date of your post was Dec. 2016 so just on a long shot, checking if you still have any Hierodula blue sp available for sale, or..?   Have a vivarium set up and ready. 

  5. Noooo

    I'm sorry hugs.
  6. I ordered mantids from Jon (aka: Jon Doe and Manuel Sautto) on August 22, 2017, he has not sent them nor has he refunded me my $35.00. He initially said he forgot and would ship them on 9/5/17, I messaged him if he sent them and has still not responded. I messaged him again saying I now prefer a refund, he still has not responded.I do not recommend this seller! I understand he's only 15-16 yrs old, he's too young and irresponsible to be selling merchandise on line.



    Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 5.24.11 PM.jpg

  7. The last few weeks i didn't have flys so for 2 weeks i fed them meal worms, i just got some coming in this week. I worry about them getting black death.

  8. Hello,

    I was hoping to find out if you have any nymphs or ooths for sale?

    My name is Craig baker.


  9. Good day

    I am interested in at least 1 of each ooth. Do you have photos of the mantis they are from? Also do these need diapause please?

  10. I have 1 that matured 3 days ago and 1 that just matured last night.  I can drop them off to you tomorrow (I am going to be in Hawthorn Woods until about noon or so) or some other time as I live about 15-20 minutes away in Twin Lakes

      They are probably going to do me no good since my females are still a few molts away from maturity so you can have them for nothing just throw me some nymphs if you have any luck with them.

    I have a reptile show in Hawthorn Woods tomorrow morning.  I will check this before I leave at 8AM but I will bring the mantids along just in case you get this after that and want to arrange something.  If you do send me an email at sschind@frontier.com

  11. Spiny Flower Mantis?

  12. Ghost Mantis L5

    Phyllocrania paradox
  13. Noooo

    Today my giant asian female died.
  14. My mantids

    I have had, Ghost, Orchid, Giant Asian, Giant African, African pygmy, Flower Mantids. I currently have giant asian and ghost!
  15. What is the best way to make Hierodula adult females lay oothecae? And do you know what those black markings are?


  16. I am interested in the breeding program

    Please let me know the details


  17. Five night at freddys icon? :)

    1. KatieQuake111


      Yes, I love the art style the artist used. :)

  18. All Grown Up

    I know that its late but i am glad it made it to adulthood. Always a good feeling.
  19. Mating

    Does anyone have a adult male limbata mantis for sale i need one to mate
  20. Hello Katie! 

  21. My mantis has a black spot on both sides od her mouth.

  22. Hey Cosby! Just wanted to let you know that Denise was on last night. 

  23. Hello! When did you start Mantid keeping?

  24. are the parasphendale the largest bud wings or the small ones?

  25. Any shield mantis left ?

    are they healthy ?

    I have to ask because I got some really bad one last time but different species

    can you do 5 females for $50

    I do not breed them



  26. Hello ,

    i Got a popa spurca ooth for sale 25 euro

    Also P. paradoxa sub adult + sub adult 

    male and female

    I live in Holland

    gr Patrick

    1. Tapi


      i got several paradoxa


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