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  3. My male majuscula finally has swollen wing buds!! I say it’ll be at least a week before he molts though. His abdomen is so full and I think he will need time to digest and prepare. Pretty excited though!

  4. Graceface you are wonderful, meticulous shipping and total pro to deal with. Thank you for the detailed on dates and info on the mantids received in perfect health. Well done! Highly recommended and hope you have more things for me to do business with you for! Keep in Touch.






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  6. yankeeman1421

    Dedicated Caresheets? (Brainstorming)

    Someone should post a care sheet on choreadodis sp.
  7. Foxhill


    Ill get some better shots my cameras not that great .. hope you like x
  8. Went away for the weekend and came back to see that my male Peruvian leaf mantis molted!  Pretty pumped and he is beautiful!  Trying to load the female and she only seems to really want to eat flying insects.  I have to get her on dubias soon!

  9. My leaf mantis ate her first Dubia since molting. I always notice that right after a molt, I have to jumpstart my mantids feeding behavior with flies to get the hunting triggered again...interesting! Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

  10. Nicole


    My mantids
  11. So proud to say the my female Peruvian mantis molted to an adult this morning.  She was on a plant and I wasn't sure if her wings would properly open so I put her in a 32oz container with water and heat to raise the humidity and they opened nicely!  So happy everything worked out with her.  She's on a purple plant now before her colors settle in, hoping for a hint of something different. (one can wish right?☺️)  Have a great day everyone! 

    1. Synapze


      That's great news! I've never heard of the 32 oz humid/heated cup trick before. Great idea. 


    2. minomantis


      It was more of a panicked, quick thought kind of moment. Lol. It’s a little dry in the house because of the cold and the heat blazing and I honestly think she would’ve been fine but I didn’t want to take any chances. I completely saturated a paper towel, put it at the bottom and gently put her on a stick and put the container on the radiator to jumpstart the humidity raise. Worked like a charm!

    3. Synapze


      I had a Chinese with crumpled wings. I wish I had know this trick then. 

  12. Foxhill

    Copy of SUNP0928.JPG

    Not very high on the Tech factor but Ill get there.. ££££££
  13. Surprisingly enough, my Peruvian mantis hasn’t molted yet. You truly have to have patience when dealing with mantids! I have a good feeling with tonight. Her behavior changed and her abdomen is pumping. I’ll update you all in the morning!

  14. do you still have any mantids?


  15. My male Hierodula maj molted last night to L7!  I plan on power feeding him some dubias and raising temps so hopefully we'll have an adult in a week and a half.  I'm only rushing because my female has been an adult since July.  Poor thing calls every night, little does she know her knight soon awaits her!  Still waiting for my Peru leaf mantis to molt, any day now! (Probably tonight!) HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  16. I don't know about you, but there are times when I'm super into mantids and there are times when I like to just look from a distance(on my computer screen) but I am just super into them right now and I'm doing so much research and enjoying raising them now!  Happy Wednesday! :)

    1. Synapze


      I can relate! I study each species like I cramming for an exam. ? 

  17. The wing buds of my Peru Leaf mantis are quite swollen!  I don't know if she will become an adulte or L7.  Only time will tell.  Pretty pumped either way!

  18. Foxhill


    Montys brand new set of wings
  19. Foxhill


    Esme the Orchid
  20. Kermit, I cannot send you a PM!

    Is there a reason for this? I was just wondering about the H. Membracana nymphs you have.

  21. Got another egg case out of one of my mantids.  Now we have 3 ooths from the girls!  I'm noticing they produce one every 1.5-2 weeks.  Also depending on how much they're eating.  Very interesting!

  22. Mantids are all doing well!  Eating up a storm!  Eating dubias and flies and are fattening up! :

  23. minomantis

    L6 female Pseudoxyops perpulchra (Peruvian leaf mantis)

    I'm having such a fun time raising this species of mantis! They are a pretty spectacular species!
  24. Mama majuscula laid her first ooth last night/this morning.  I feel bad because it's an infertile one.  Her mate is L6 and hopefully I can raise him quickly before her second ooth.  I hope she feels better though and it was such a big ooth!

  25. Hit with a double whammy today! Both my female P. perpulchra and my male H. majuscula successfully molted to L6! No really color changes which is ok! Will feed them good tomorrow! Feeling good! Happy Sunday! :)

  26. I've been so focused on my female P. perpulchra lately, but my male molted last night.  I believe he is a sub adult.  What's funny is he looks no bigger, his wing buds are just fuller! :)

  27. One of my Chinese females laid an ooth yesterday while I was at work!  Even though I missed it, still pretty cool!  Still waiting on my P. pelpulchra to molt!  Also, it's Friday!! Woo!

  28. Kismet?

    We found a mantis on our mailbox today. A green female, and a very plump one at that! Sooo... of course I decide to keep her and I just so happened to have a vacant enclosure. ?I placed her in the enclosure and left her alone for a few moments. 

    When I returned, camera in hand, I caught her right in the process of laying an ooth! I backed away slowly and lowered all the lights. 

    Of course, there's no way to know if the ooth will be fertile. Here's hoping! I have limited experience with this native species. 

    Interesting part: I just ordered an ooth yesterday from a wonderfully accommodating dealer, because I wanted to experience this species. 

    I love free mantids. ?

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