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Violin mantis / More Nymphs have Hatched!

Indian Violin Mantis -Gongylus gongylodes;

Today I had a hidden violin Ootheca hatch! Have my adult female violin Mantis that I mated loose walking around in my Mantis room, normally she lays her Ooths attached to a bunch of branches that are out in the open room, so I can harvest them when I see them. But this time she laid her Ooth down underneath the bottom of a shelf attached to a light timer that is actually very warm. It took me about two hours to collect 27 newly hatched nymphs that were scattered throughout the room... So now I have four different batches of violins, 1st are L4 now, 2nd are L3

3rd are L2 and now 4th batch today of L1s... Awesome! = )


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Gongylus gongylodes, Violin Mantis

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