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  3. More like the US' version of other phyllovates species
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  9. Happy Birthday!

    1. Shaun Young

      Shaun Young

      please pm me with any mantids you are currently selling, it will not allow me to message you :)

    2. PrayingMantisPets


      Try again, my messenger was completely full and I had to clear some stuff out.

    3. PrayingMantisPets


      I don’t have anything yet just waiting for some ooths to hatch, or pairs to mature.

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  11. My Melon!!

    Wow I haven't been on here in ages 1. generic Stagmomantis California 2. The melons were more of a treat
  12. My Melon!!

    I dindt know they could have mellon.
  13. What do baby Sibylla pretiosa eat?  I tried these once and failed because they wouldn't eat FFs.


  14. Hello Rikki!

    I have Ghosts available! They are currently @L1. I expect them to shed in about a week. Possibly less. 

    You can best reach me @MantidsGalore@gmail.com


    Patty :)

  15. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  16. Happy Birthday i hope you have a great day!

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