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  2. Any shield mantis left ?

    are they healthy ?

    I have to ask because I got some really bad one last time but different species

    can you do 5 females for $50

    I do not breed them



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  5. Hello ,

    i Got a popa spurca ooth for sale 25 euro

    Also P. paradoxa sub adult + sub adult 

    male and female

    I live in Holland

    gr Patrick

    1. Tapi


      i got several paradoxa


  6. Hi DeShwan,

    How much for the giant Asian and violin mantid nymphs?


  7. Hi DeShawn,

    It's been a long time. You still in the mantis hobby?

    Best regards,

    Rod Gonzalez


  8. 18788364-1734251699964200-1804682394-n.jpg

    From what I read there are both Green and Orange/Gold Variants of the Giant Asian Mantis. The ones that were currently available at the time were Golden colored Mantids and they sent me two females. They're from the Hierodula family and they range from Greens to Browns to gold colors. Thank you for the comment!
  9. 18788364-1734251699964200-1804682394-n.jpg

    Gorgeous!! Is this species always orange?
  10. Tracked you down zeiss.

  11. Do you still have the red arms? Id be interested in 10 for $30

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