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  4. Thank you for your support Cheryl

    It was a pleasure working with you - feel free to stay in touch :D 


  5. The best way to predict the future, is to create it. ~ Peter Drucker

    One decision you make today, can effect all of your tomorrows..


  6. Beautiful




  8. I am interested in your orchid mantis!

  9. IMG_1875.JPG

    From the album Indian?

  10. ID please!

    From the album Indian?

  11. Interested in your orchid if she is still available. My email is:

    I'm over in the Norcal Bay Area.

  12. I was unable to message you I am interested in the mantids you posted.  I'll take all 3 if they are still available.  




    zip 79410.

  13. Do you still have ooths available? My email is  or you can message me. Thank you.

  14. 00101_4PK02PuEzG1_600x450.jpgHey there!

    Would you be interested in trading any nymphs for Madagascan marbled mantis nymphs?


    Let me know your thoughts!



  15. Can't send message ? Wanted to see if you can send to the USA and what ooths u have with prices 

    thanks so much 

  16. Glad to be back! I just can't seem to stay away from these awesome bugs! I'm Roland. Thank's Peter for helping me with my account.

  17. You seem like a really cool person, but I just wanted to let you know that on mobile, your signature gave me a mini-heart attack XD

  18. Bubbles

    From the album Nicole

    Hymenopus Coronatus L7 female
  19. Amazing pics!

  20. What did you have to trade for the

    Phistospilota guineensis if i had males?

  21. New Mantis Update

    So cute.
  22. Hi! Do you still sell from Montana? I'm in Bozo and would love to chat if you do

  23. still have the ooth? I will purchase if so.

  24. So um Mr mantis started occasionally rocking side to side like he's dancing what is he doing!? Is this normal?

  25. Me. Mantis has not wanted to eat in 2 days although I did get him to eat some honey yesterday. He did just molt yesterday so I assume that is the reason why 

  26. i woke ip this morning to find mister mantis molting again !! he is now in his 5th instar he has been growing so much i love it!! this would explain why he would not eat last night ... I have been looking to add a new addition to my room pets does anybody have any suggestions as well as sites where you can find your suggestion please and thanks 


  27. How do I keep my mealworms alive ? MR MANTIS JUST ATE HIS FIRST MEALWORMS!!! I tried multiple ways to feed him them (I put him in a deli cup with holes in the lid plus a coffee filter) they did not work so I thought hmmm maybe if I flip the cup upside down. So the worms would climb on the coffee filter and he likes to eat up there because he has good grip so I did and it worked they finally caught his attention and he ate them !!! I reccomend this method if you can't get any other way to work.

    1. Lalaland
    2. Lalaland


      Although not Cosbyart lol you probably have tried everything 

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