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  1. Hi Yen, This is Kelly Swift, I was just wondering if you got any cool mantids for sale right now?


  2. still have brunneria?


  3. Hello Yen Sorry to batter you , i need some help maybe you can help me out . 

    I got   Neobarrettia spinosa and like to breed them. I sow some pic on google and that's how i found out you have some of this guys lol. If you don't mind shearing how to incubate the eggs will be great thanks 

  4. Happy birthday

  5. Happy birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I thought I would mention it before it actually happens. LOL

  8. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, Dia Dia/adik lelaki/ototo!!!

  9. Happy birthday!!!!! :)

  10. I'm watching my pseudoharpax's final molt right now, good stuff :),and it wont rot my brains like some of that worthless junk on TV right now :)

  11. I wanna build some more creative enclosures now :P

    1. minard734


      Sorry I didn't mean to post that here... Xd :$

  12. Yen! Where have you been!? I miss reading your updates on your website.

  13. hi please can you give me a list of ootheca available with prices? many thanks

  14. What can I say, Yen is the poster child of what good breeders should be =)

  15. Yen,

    I am giving a presentation on Mantids and mantid Husbandry and I need some photos. As I am browsing the internet all of the best photos are yours. I would like to use some of your photos in the presentation, I will give you a solid citation if you grant me permission to use the photos.