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  1. still have the ooth? I will purchase if so.

  2. Mantis Head

    These are very nice, did u do them?
  3. I have ghost, chinese, budwing, asian, pate's, not sure what else.

  4. hi, I would send u fresh spikes today if you leave me message at my email and see how they do if they go out on a monday. Mysterymantis@gmail.com

  5. Happy birthday. So how old are you now? I am joking. I have heard it is impolite to ask a women's age, especially a bit old person. And maybe you would have put your birth year on your profile if you wanted people to know how old you were.

  6. happy birthday

  7. Anniversary came and went!

    As of Dec. 2006 I have been here for 6 years ! Is that a long time or what!
  8. Random Comment String!! Comment 9 hehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!

  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday!!!!!

  11. Thank you for the beautiful baby mantids! They arrived safely and are growing fast already! The ghost is gorgeous :)