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  5. Lineola just molted today, overnight/early morning. Now an L6!

    1. MantisGirl13



      - MantisGirl13 

  6. Grapple_Apple

    Dedicated Caresheets? (Brainstorming)

    Just a suggestion, though not sure if it's possible for the admins to do- making the care sheets alphabetized would help find people find what they're looking for a bit faster, instead of having the topics organized by date of creation. Just a little suggestion!
  7. Mantis Man13

    Odontomantis spp. (Ant Mantis)

    I looked it up and it says medium humidity so make sure to not have too little or too much. In order to have medium humidity I would suggest instead of having a completely closed container with substrate to instead have mesh on top with substrate, therefore giving breathing space. Anyone, correct me if I am wrong.
  8. FabioFabiatic

    Odontomantis spp. (Ant Mantis)

    About what humidity specifically would you recommend?
  9. All this talk about Orchid mantids make me want to try raising them again!

    1. MantisGirl13


      You should!

      - MantisGirl13 

  10. I finally got permission to make an Instagram account for my macro photographs. I'm out of space on the forum to post pics, so if you want to check out my macro photos, my Instagram username is galaxymacros :)

    - MantisGirl13 

    1. Bentis


      Following!  I'm @jaxmantis.  🙂

  11. hysteresis

    Popa spurca (Twig Mantis)

    Nooooooo. Not for beginners. Beginners always overspray.
  12. FabioFabiatic

    Popa spurca (Twig Mantis)

    I agree, but it's easier to under mist than over mist.
  13. hysteresis

    Popa spurca (Twig Mantis)

    Easy to hand feed. Easy keeping too, bc they dont want too much humidity. On the flip side though, beginners tend to overmist and that hurts them more than most.
  14. FabioFabiatic

    Popa spurca (Twig Mantis)

    Honestly, I think this species is one of the best beginner species.
  15. And we’re back! Hoping to start raising some mantids during this time! Hope all are well! :)

    1. MantisGirl13


      Welcome back! :)

      - MantisGirl13 

    2. minomantis


      Thank you, I hope you are well!

  16. Hi Folks, I hope you are all keeping well and doing your thing, here's the Ghost Orchid! Phaleanopsis meets Phyllocrania.



  17. Happy Easter everyone! He is Risen!

    - MantisGirl13 

  18. I'm so excited! I just got accepted into the dual enrollment program at my local high school! This means that when I start my sophomore year of high school in the fall, I will also be doing work at Delaware County Community College, and I'll graduate with an associate's degree! 

    - MantisGirl13 

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    2. hysteresis


      Very cool!

      Congrats! :)


    3. MantisGirl13


      Thanks! 😀

      - MantisGirl13 

    4. Foxhill


      Well Done!

  19. Take care have to go hope we can Later on.

  20. I hear you might have Mantids for sale.

  21. Hey guys! 

    Pls check out my updates on the book project!

  22. Hello Peter,

    I messaged Orin and he told me to try to contact you.  Is it possible to change my display name.  
    thank you,


  23. I have several sub adult female ghosts. How long has your males had their wings? 

  24. Dawson

    20160120 7433

    Amazing shot!
  25. Hey! Saw your post! Not totally sure if we’ve done business before on here or maybe through the facebook groups but anyway here is my stock list;

    Orchids L6/pre-sub female (1 left)

    Theopropus Elegans (banded flower mantis) L2/3

    Rhombodera Basalis L2/3

    Sphodromantis Lineola L3/4(3 left!)

    Rhombodera Valida L3/4

    might also end up having Hestiasula Major in stock in the coming weeks but that’s no guarantee. Let me know what interests you! 

  26. Hello have ooths for sale :


    gongylus 35€

    tenodera 20€

    stagmomantis 20€

  27. The worst way to wake up on your birthday: (thinking) "I wonder if the twig mantids I was mating last night ever connected?" Waiting five minutes to get out of bed, look in the cage, and the male is headless and in the female's claws. :(

    I if I hadn't waited five minutes he would have been fine and I could have separated them right away. I don't even know if they connected, but they were mounted for at least 48 hours straight.

    - MantisGirl13 

  28. Someone buy Joey's orchid. What a sweet deal!


  29. great package skill with healthy mantises.
    no any single dead when i received the package.
    thank you

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