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    People say a praying mantis cant have human emotions, Maybe, Maybe that's true. But how do we define emotion?, the hate that wars bring out in people. The separation that this election caused?, the fact that a lot of people care about themselves? That were divided? The lies, the hate? I can see more emotion in Hope and Bugsey then most humans. Maybe its us that doesn't know how to show emotion. Just because one cant talk, doesn't mean their words are unheard.
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    This is a rather ridiculously belated blog post, but oh well. I ended up ordering another mantis, this time a ghost because I've heard so much about them on the forum and they had really started to grow on me. So I got this tiny little thing in the mail on Friday, May 3rd. (I'd forgotten how small they started out!) The nymph was pretty clearly a girl by the shape of her prothorax (like an arrowhead) and my sister named her Lenie, after another book character who's about as twisted mentally as this my little girl looks! She molted to L3 the following Wednesday (5/8) and just molted to L4 last Tuesday (5/21) with no problems. She'll eat pretty much whatever I give her (except for mealworms). Lenie is extremely fast and I can be a nervous wreck trying to hold her because she moves and jumps so quick! Siri's new theme song has been Petty's "Learning to Fly": he scared the heck out of me last Monday (5/20) when we were calmly watching TV and Siri decided he wanted to test drive his new wings. So now he gets to come out only in the bathroom after I've Siri-proofed it. Last night he was doing a lot of flying, and when I asked on the forum, it appears he's looking for ladies. He's also dieting too, I guess, because he's been a lot more active and less inclined to wolf everything down. (He only eats his favorite part sometimes... the head.) Can't remember if I posted about this or not (don't think so) but I got Siri a new home in a Kritter Keeper with Malaysian drift and faux plants. I really like the setu-up so I am planning one (albeit smaller) for Lenie too.
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    Majesty died. It wasn't fun at all the watch the process. I went to hold her like I do every day and I realized she was stiffening and rigor mortise was setting in. The only thing she could move was her claw. She was pinching me on and off. I think she was in pain and was blaming her external surroundings as she didn't understand. I tried giving her water but that just resulted in her throwing it up. It gave a very bad smell. Sir smelled the same way when she was dying. Then within two minutes, Majesty stopped moving her claw and rolled over onto her back. I realized then that she died because her antennae stopped moving and when I touched them, they gave no reaction. So I held her in my hand for about three minutes then I stored her away in a container. But as the days pass, I feel better about it. I'm sad that I'll never be able to hold her or see her walking around anymore. But I'm glad that she's not suffering anymore and that she had a nice life. She was hardly ever in her container - was always stimulated. Fed well. Got to go outside plenty of times. And now I've got Tenodera Sinensis to care for, as well as Phyllocrania Paradoxa which I'll soon be getting...
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    so today it warmed up by me so the blue bottle flys where sunning themselves. I must have captured twelve so far and I'm still catching, mabe now I can get a colony started. Does anyone have pointers?
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    Today I tried to pair my Disabled Ghost Mantis with my oldest female. I put her into his cage and within moments he had jumped onto her back. The only issue is that he was facing the wrong way! She doesn't seem to bothered that he is on her back but he just doesn't want to get the job done it would seem. Hes spent most of the time the wrong way around and I haven't seen him attempting to connect though. This pairing was always going to be an iffy one for me.As he is disabled I'm not sure whether heck do any good but hey its worth a shot!. Whilst my Ghosties were busy playing House I decided it was time to pair my Marbleds.I chose the oldest female who is looking nice and plump and put her with the male. The male was definitely interested and tried to jump on her back but after a few attempts she was definitely not in the mood! Whilst I was safely removing the female I noticed that my younger female was calling. I whipped her out and after shed settled down she was introduced to the male. No pairing as yet but he is slowly sneaking up behind her as i type this so hopefully well get lucky here.
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    A female eclosed from the bunch of about 12 cocoons last night. There are 4 males who eclosed previously in with her, so she should have quite a good chance of finding a suitor! One of the males was right next to her last night. They were close enough to touch wings, but were not mating. Apparently I will know it when they start mating, as they remain connected for about 8 hours. When I looked at her through the mesh cage, I thought she appeared to be a female by the less "bushy" antennae... but I wanted to make sure (plus, I wanted to take some pics if she was). So I reached in to get her, but when my hand brushed across the bottom back part of her wings, it was all wet. I thought she's peed on me, lol, and I drew my hand back... and there was a whitish-clear liquid on my hand. I wondered if she and the male had possibly mated, and this was his sperm that had leaked out onto the back of her wings. It kind of shocked me at first, but it didn't gross me out or anything. I've since found from Andrew that the liquid released is just their waste from the past 3 weeks or so in pupation. And apparently I should be expecting eggs within the next 3 days of a sucessful mating! Crossing my fingers for her... Here are pics of her.
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    My T. sinensis old gal died last week, and her ooth hatched less than a week later (Saturday) - surprise! I wasn't even sure it was fertile. So, we have a pile of Chinese babies running around. Before I knew THAT was going on, I'd orderd 2 Gambian nymphs, 5 ghost nymphs, 2 gemmatus nymphs, and 3 H. majuscula. I never do anything "a little bit," according to my husband, who was not worried about the money I'd spent but more 1) Where are we going to put all of them and 2) Why didn't I get the species he wanted? LOL All the gory details (plus pics and vid) are on my regular bugblog at http://mantisfiles.weebly.com
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    First off the black eyed peas of the pseudoharpax broke up when a "male" molted to L5 and turned out to be a female so I have 2 males, 2 females 1 pair of them is subadult now i also want to say that since i now am in high school, i may be too busy in a year or two to rear mantises i may take a break from the hobby for a few years starting in a year or so not sure yet also, Lady GaGa is awesome! I'm hoping my popa spurca molt soon i have an L6 pair, they are really cool