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    I was planning to mate my green female ghost this afternoon, but I got back from grocery shopping and she had laid me a nice big infertile ooth. So I decided to see if my male would be interested in my big dark female. Sure enough, after three hours of fooling around on her back, Pumpkin the male decided to make the connection!!!!! This is the first ghost mating of the season for me, but not the last! I have three other females waiting for their turn. - MantisGirl13
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    The plant has seen better days. But Caleb is having a great one, enjoying a candy between swims. Beautiful day. 🍁
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    Today is idolomantis day. 😁 Ill update after work. 😊👍
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    I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m excited to share, I totally sold out of my Chinese mantid hatch! The best part was how many went to classrooms 👍 my local school district bought up most of them! Today we FINALLY had a male Spiny Flower molt into adulthood (my purchased nymph males turned out to be females) and we’re very excited to pair him with Latte....as soon as we find her lol she’s MIA in the house but she’ll fly to one of our shoulders if she gets too thirsty or hungry. Poor Fabio (the adult male spiny) has too many girlfriends 🤞 Leafy (female ghost mantis) molted into adulthood while I was gone too but her boyfriend is woefully behind....wish he would hurry up already lol Leafy likes to leave her plant and hang under the piano these days lol Happy (adult female spiny flower) prefers Fortnite music 😂. Lastly, we lost Buggy (adult female spiny) she was getting older but not elderly yet...I think she got too hot it was over 90 outside the day we lost her and we don’t have AC it was definitely stuffy in the house. I’m looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posts until I can get a hatch out of these spinys👍