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    Hello all, This is my farewell update... I was so blessed to be a part of the mantids community and working with everyone I worked with. I am getting out of mantids for a while, do not mourn for me tho. Everything in life is a choice and a learning experience. God gives trials and blessings to try our character and fit us for Him. I had fun an I will have fun with the next critters too. Anyway, tschüss!! Bis später!!
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    Still no connection with Xena and any male. I have 4 adult male Orchids, though I'm shocked Domenic is still alive. He has lost a leg from age (he lost the tarsi first, then the rest) and only rarely eats, but is still kicking. I haven't been trying him as a breeder, thinking he is too old, but idk I'm new to breeding! Utah is due to molt to adult any day now, and I have 3 more subs right behind her, a presub, and 2 L5s. So, soon I will have a whole slew of adult female Orchids! Impatiently waiting for Arthur and Gustav, the male Ghosts, to molt to adult. It's been almost 8 weeks since they hit sub. Declan should also molt to adult soon
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    My golden Noël is doing funny stuff with her butt. Guess she's looking for love. 🤣
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    Happy Valentine's Day, my freaky deakies!
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    Orchid update: I'm expecting 2 adult female Orchids tomorrow and I'm so excited! My newly molted males will have girlfriends after all! I haven't attempted any breeding yet, so this marks a new chapter for me in my mantis journey. Hoping to have good news to share in the next week about the results Ghosts: No new adults yet, but Bellatrix is looking fatter than normal. How long will it take for her to start laying ooth? She hasn't been bred, as I have no adult males, but she has been adult for a month now
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    Gustav finally molted to adult last night. Came home from work to find him with wings. It's about time! Now, if only Arthur would take a cue from his brother 😊 Utah is still hanging and looking molty, so she will hopefully molt today. I also have a female orchid who is about to molt to subadult, and is looking ready to molt any second. Hopefully, she will molt tonight, too.
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    It was a good morning in the mantis household! Iris ate her first real meal after molting which was a good sized dubia! She is a one armed wonder!😊 ButterRum-Verde also had a roach which I was surprised about. Her wings are in the prepuff stage and I guess only the mantis keepers of a long time would understand that idea, but I'm trying to fatten her up before she stops eating! Mocha demolished two flies today and it was so impressive! Haha! Love them!
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    We have an adult Iris!! She's gorgeous! Pictures will come soon!
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    Just ordered 5 more mantids; one for my nephew (the Chinese mantis I got him died from the thunder dome style shipping method) the spiny flower he originally requested is back in stock at my preferred place plus a couple more ghost mantis because my 5 year old just loves them. Well also keep 2 more nymph spinys besides the one that will be swapped for Spots. Spots is gonna leave with my nephew this weekend since the order won’t arrive in time BUT STILL lol Birthday crises averted! Winning? I think so lol
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    Proud to report that Mocha molted last and she is still, well mocha! Haha! Operation will she turn green is in effect! Iris has swollen wing buds so I know a molt is coming soon! ButterRum-Verde is living life eating flies and dubias!
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    Little update! Julio is doing well and he is still shedding. Something I must get used to. I am so used to mantids doing all their molt in one time so it is different to wait weeks for a beardie molt to be done. One nice thing is I can still handle him during sheds (unlike mantids!). He is eating well and going bonkers over superworms and crickets. I think he gets more crickets at my house than he did at his previous home so now he is spoiled 😃😏 Still refining my parenting techniques, ha ha! Book: Also the book is near completion for all you who contributed and those who didnt!! Just finding a few more pics so if any of you want to check out my topic on the book I could still use feeder pics and how to sex a male mantis pic.
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    Excited to announce... I woke up to find Cameron is an adult! He molted last night and I now have an adult male ghost! I'll take some photos and post them in my thread later today. I just had to share 😊❤️
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    Just as I suspected, ButterRum molted yesterday and she is now subadult! She's gorgeous! Now that Mocha has a perch, she's eating a lot more, pretty steadily now! Iris is just hanging out! I truly love the ghost mantis. They are such a relaxed mantis!
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    Tried again today to pair Dom and Xena to no avail. She seemed stir crazy and wouldn't stay still, even though I tried to get her to climb 30min earlier and she refused, lol. She kept doing donuts around the net enclosure and didn't want to go back to her normal enclosure. Dom seemed interested but wouldn't make a move, even when I held him an inch away and distracted Xena with honey water. His eyes are looking photoreacted today, even in the well lit room; I think he is over the hill 😒 Dom is moving around okay and otherwise seems fine, but he is 10wks mature now Adam is up next. He is around 2wks mature now, but I will probably wait until next week to try again, just to be certain he is old enough to get the job done
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    I've been out of town for the past 5 days and I've come back to see that one of my ghosts have successfully molted. This is to L5 and it was the orange brown one. Trying to mist everyday to lighten her to a greenish color maybe? Don't think it's working but she's beautiful! Can't wait for my other one to get up there in size!
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    The first molt. 6.17.2016
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    Just got home. Good evening so far: 1x ghost molt to L4 1x orchid molt to L5 1x mio molt to sub adult 👊🙂
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    Bought "Keeping the Praying Mantis" and excited for a relaxed Sunday evening!
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    Iris is just a monster! For having one foreleg, she destroys flies. It's very impressive! Butter Rum is still looking like she will molt soon so I'm just keeping her warm and the humidity high. Mocha is doing her own thing. Way behind her sisters, but it's her own journey and she's just taking it a little slower and that's ok! haha! Mama Hierodula is still calling and I just don't understand, but she knows what she wants. Just allowing her to enjoy her time on the Pothos plant! Hope everyone is staying warm!☺️
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    Sad news: one of the females I received yesterday didn't make it. She died overnight. I knew it was coming, as she wouldn't eat or drink and was propping herself up with a raptorial arm, looking an inch from death. I tried my best to take good care of her in her last hours 😢 The other seems to have recovered from the cold journey and ate 3 BBFs yesterday afternoon before I went to work. This morning, she is happily hanging upside down from her enclosure lid, watching me with curiosity Now, it's time to go feed some bugs
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    I've never really raised a mantis all the way through an entire life cycle. Either I let them go around the house and let nature do its thing (the Chinese Mantids) or there is a freak accident that happens. In saying that, I'm really enjoying the different stages of my female Hierodula maj. She's an old girl. She's going on 6 months and she hasn't slowed down too much. She's definitely an older mantis. Her color is a little faded but other than that, she's still kicking. I think it's the pollen filled dubias she eats! (That's the secret😉) Waiting for an egg case from her so I can raise her young. I know she won't be around forever, but it's been truly a joy to take care of her! #Proudmantisdad
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    Learning so much about the Phyllocrania paradoxa! Not as food aggressive, wants to eat about every 2-3 days. Mine are only L4! One of the females caught her first dubia today. I feed my dubias bee pollen along with other nutrient rich foods so hopefully she enjoyed it. Also, learned there is another species of Phyllocrania! It's Phyllocrania illudens!! I guess just a bigger ghost mantis! Cool!! Check em out!
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    The Ghost Mantids couldn't have come at a better time! I have so many gnats flying around in my house (because of the fish tanks in my house), but it's like a buffet for them. Fortunately they are small enough to still eat them!🙌🏾
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    Thought I was taking a picture! LOL, perfect timing!