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    Eventful day here yesterday! I tried pairing Adam and Xena again to no avail. He locked his sights on her, and looked as though he would go for it but never did. After a few hours, I put Xena and Adam away in their respective homes, and vowed to try again today. A few molts overnight: Tanya and Katya the Ghosts both molted to subadult. One of my Orchid sub males molted to adult. Now I have 4 total adult male orchids, including old man Domenic. I still have one sub male, and 5 L4 orchids I am sexing today. I think at least 2 are males. Bellatrix finally laid her first oothecca. She'd been looking awfully plump for weeks, I was starting to be concerned about her becoming egg bound. I moved her to an even bigger enclosure with more sticks and she laid the next day! She is hungry and readily ate a few BBFs last night. Cam ate one of his BBFs, but hasn't eaten more since his final molt. I'm mildly concerned with how skinny he looks, but I've heard adult male ghosts are light eaters. He has eaten, so I'm sure he is fine. Domenic the Orchid male is on his way out. He has lost a tarsi and seems reluctant to move 😞 Gotta go feed some hungry mantids!
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