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    I was planning to mate my green female ghost this afternoon, but I got back from grocery shopping and she had laid me a nice big infertile ooth. So I decided to see if my male would be interested in my big dark female. Sure enough, after three hours of fooling around on her back, Pumpkin the male decided to make the connection!!!!! This is the first ghost mating of the season for me, but not the last! I have three other females waiting for their turn. - MantisGirl13
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    Have to share. This was cute. The special note was from Caleb (7yo). 🀣
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    Feeling cute. Might make a hydei culture later, idk. πŸ€£πŸ‘
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    I invited Yen Saw to join my FaceBook group and OMG he joined. He is like the Mantis Breeder Hero LOL LOL I'm such a fan!! I've ordered from him a few times and he very much deserves every good thing said about him.
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    BB flies are starting to pop. Took 10 days. 70F until I started warming them up a bit Saturday evening. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ Maybe I ought to carefully warm them right through. Afraid of dessication though.
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    I just got back from a 5-day camping trip in Shenandoah. The area is beautiful! Pics tomorrow. I got home to 13 new spiny nymphs and two new Sybilla pretiosa nymphs. I'm bummed that the Sybilla ooth didn't hatch more. The female orchid and two female ghost will be molting to adult any day now. I'm getting my crested gecko soon too! - MantisGirl13
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    Introduction Hymenopus coronatus, Orchid Mantis The nymphs are spectacular mimics of orchid flowers and look very much like a tiny version of the popular moth orchid flowers seen at various stores. Southeast Asia, most common stock from Malaysia. Difficulty level: intermediate Development Molts take place about every three weeks until the ultimate molt which can take twice as long. Hatchlings are red and black and may mimic certain assassin bugs. Later instars to adult are white to pink. Adults live from three to six months, rarely much longer. Molting rarely encounters problems in captivity despite the leg extensions. Behavior/temperament Nymphs usually stay in one spot to catch prey but will chase after crickets if hungry enough. Neither timid nor aggressive. Propensity to cannibalize is limited; not communal. Dynamics of threat display - none. Captive Environment Temperature range and humidity levels - room temperature to tropical (72-90F). High humidity without adequate ventilation will kill specimens. Type and size of enclosure(s) used - absolute minimum 32oz. for the large females. Substrate or lack thereof- none required. Cage furnishings, e.g. molting surfaces, perches, dΓ©cor, plants, etc. -may shield prey, not needed. Communal housing if applicable - not a good idea. Feeding Feeding response - moths and flies are most attractive. Type and size of prey used and/or refused for various instars - fruit flies for the early instars, then crickets, cockroaches and flies. Quantity and frequency of feedings - late instar female nymphs can consume large quantities of prey daily. Breeding Sexing/sexual dimorphism - females look similar to the males but are a dozen times more massive. Time needed from last molt to copulation - 3-4 wks. Multiple males are suggested for mating. While rearing up nymphs is basic for anyone with limited experience, getting fertile eggs is expert level. Tips for inducing copulation and fecundity - Multiple males in a flight cage and warm temperatures. Fertile or not there are generally three oothecae per female. Tips for inducing female to lay oothecae - green/living plant leaves. Oothecae Physical description and average size. - thin and elongate, up to four inches long and a quarter inch wide. Diapause if necessary - none. Incubation time and temperature - approximately 40 days at 80F. Observed number/s and range of hatching nymphs - highly variable, avg. ~40
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    Today is idolomantis day. 😁 Ill update after work. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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    Since my son has dubbed me Mantis King, my royal health must be preserved. Until I appoint a Master of Dubias, this is how I must protect myself. I removed my crown so as to keep you all at ease.
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    I just spent the last hour feeding fruit flies to almost fifty, soon to be more, nymphs of several different species. On top of that, I'm sick. Fun day! (Not) I'm pooped. - MantisGirl13
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    **** News Flash **** Orchid mantis jumps off keepers hand, flies across room and lands on table leg **** End of message ****
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    My fly eclosure rates are higher than they have ever been. I'm enjoying this. 2 or 3 duds out of 45.
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    Welcome to Granny's Mantis Photo Collection Photos may not be used, shared or reprinted without permission. My name and (C) may not be removed! All photo's taken by me of my own mantis. I love to take photos so this is really just the beginning. Check back I always have new stuff to add
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    Watching the female ghost that you bred, hatched, and raised yourself molting to adult is so nerve wracking! - MantisGirl13
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    Loving MantidForum, looking forward to learning much much much more and meeting everyone!
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    My love is at work today. So, the Egg Hunt and getting the bird on falls squarely to me. Kids looked shell-shocked getting up this morning. Well, Cameron did. LoL. But here they are after completing the egg hunt. It's been rainy (ground is wet and squishy) so the hunt was inside. Happy Easter Moms and Dads! Happy Easter all!
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    Wow! I just realized I've been on this forum for a year and four days now! It seems more like five years! - MantisGirl13