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    BB flies are starting to pop. Took 10 days. 70F until I started warming them up a bit Saturday evening. 😎👍 Maybe I ought to carefully warm them right through. Afraid of dessication though.
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    I just got back from a 5-day camping trip in Shenandoah. The area is beautiful! Pics tomorrow. I got home to 13 new spiny nymphs and two new Sybilla pretiosa nymphs. I'm bummed that the Sybilla ooth didn't hatch more. The female orchid and two female ghost will be molting to adult any day now. I'm getting my crested gecko soon too! - MantisGirl13
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    Watching the female ghost that you bred, hatched, and raised yourself molting to adult is so nerve wracking! - MantisGirl13
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    Loving MantidForum, looking forward to learning much much much more and meeting everyone!
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    Hooray, Ghost hadnt eaten for 2 and a half weeks and I was getting a little worried but saw this morning the exuvium there, successful moult ! Lucy the idol is eating well and seems to have discovered her ability to jump. Good Times !
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    My love is at work today. So, the Egg Hunt and getting the bird on falls squarely to me. Kids looked shell-shocked getting up this morning. Well, Cameron did. LoL. But here they are after completing the egg hunt. It's been rainy (ground is wet and squishy) so the hunt was inside. Happy Easter Moms and Dads! Happy Easter all!
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    Wow! I just realized I've been on this forum for a year and four days now! It seems more like five years! - MantisGirl13