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    Hello all, This is my farewell update... I was so blessed to be a part of the mantids community and working with everyone I worked with. I am getting out of mantids for a while, do not mourn for me tho. Everything in life is a choice and a learning experience. God gives trials and blessings to try our character and fit us for Him. I had fun an I will have fun with the next critters too. Anyway, tschüss!! Bis später!!
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    Orchid update: I'm expecting 2 adult female Orchids tomorrow and I'm so excited! My newly molted males will have girlfriends after all! I haven't attempted any breeding yet, so this marks a new chapter for me in my mantis journey. Hoping to have good news to share in the next week about the results Ghosts: No new adults yet, but Bellatrix is looking fatter than normal. How long will it take for her to start laying ooth? She hasn't been bred, as I have no adult males, but she has been adult for a month now
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    I've been out of town for the past 5 days and I've come back to see that one of my ghosts have successfully molted. This is to L5 and it was the orange brown one. Trying to mist everyday to lighten her to a greenish color maybe? Don't think it's working but she's beautiful! Can't wait for my other one to get up there in size!
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    Huzzah!! My mantis senses were correct! Iris molted probably 25 minutes after I posted the first post! I need to watch, but ghost mantises molt so fast! I also keep them in a place where the heat is probably around 80F and the humidity is super high, so they probably just slip out of their exoskeletons. Glad it was a successful molt!
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    A couple of little updates! Iris, my new female green ghost had her first meal in my care! It was a fruit fly and I'm sure she can handle bb flies, but starting off slow after the journey. I'm waiting for my other female ghost to molt! I'm almost certain it's coming soon😅😅! (Honestly can't tell, just putting my mantis reasoning skills to the test lol). Put my female Hierodula in the bathroom to see if the higher humidity levels from the showers would help her want to lay an ooth. She's more than ready, just hasn't found the spark to trigger it, so hopefully this is it. Happy hump day everyone!😉
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    I've never really raised a mantis all the way through an entire life cycle. Either I let them go around the house and let nature do its thing (the Chinese Mantids) or there is a freak accident that happens. In saying that, I'm really enjoying the different stages of my female Hierodula maj. She's an old girl. She's going on 6 months and she hasn't slowed down too much. She's definitely an older mantis. Her color is a little faded but other than that, she's still kicking. I think it's the pollen filled dubias she eats! (That's the secret😉) Waiting for an egg case from her so I can raise her young. I know she won't be around forever, but it's been truly a joy to take care of her! #Proudmantisdad
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    My female Hierodula maj has been a free roam mantis for most of her adult life. I was a little skeptical to allow my male to roam free as well but when I got home on Monday from out of town, I allowed him to do his own thing. I'd find him on one plant, then on the light fixture, then by the window. Last night I saw my female calling again which I thought interesting because she mated already, but didn't think anything of it. Figured I'd try mating her again. But have no fear! Nature will do what nature was intended to do. Came downstairs to see the Hierodulas mating again. I will leave them alone to do their thing! Love it!🌿💙
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    Just hanging out for the holidays!
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    I love how you'll put a mantis somewhere and then you'll look for them moments later. Spend a couple minutes looking for them and when you finally spot them you realize they've been looking at you the whole time! Haha
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    Learning so much about the Phyllocrania paradoxa! Not as food aggressive, wants to eat about every 2-3 days. Mine are only L4! One of the females caught her first dubia today. I feed my dubias bee pollen along with other nutrient rich foods so hopefully she enjoyed it. Also, learned there is another species of Phyllocrania! It's Phyllocrania illudens!! I guess just a bigger ghost mantis! Cool!! Check em out!
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    The Ghost Mantids couldn't have come at a better time! I have so many gnats flying around in my house (because of the fish tanks in my house), but it's like a buffet for them. Fortunately they are small enough to still eat them!🙌🏾