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  1. MantisGirl13


    Such amazing eyes! - MantisGirl13
  2. MantisGirl13

    20140313 MG 0452

    Wow! Looks like you had a lot of time, a lot of mantids, and a great camera! - MantisGirl13
  3. MantisGirl13

    Mating Pair Majangella moultoni

    Are they yours? - MantisGirl13
  4. MantisGirl13

    My Mantids

    I am kind of new to the forum right now, but I am not new to the mantis collecting hobby. I have five L6 Phyllocrania paradoxa, and one L5 Phyllocrania paradoxa. I have two L5 female Sphodromantis gastrica, one L5 Gongylus gongylodes, one L3 Tenodera sinensis, a pre-sub or sub-adult female Miomantis paykulii, and one sub-adult female Blepharosis mendica. I am getting eight new mantids from Patty on Wednesday: a male Miomantis paykulii, five L2-3 budwings, and two L2-3 Brunneria borealis. I will post pictures when I can get a camera (soon!). - MantisGirl13