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  1. MantisGirl13
    I have updated my mantis collection! I just got two new L2-L3 Brunneria borealis (Brunner's mantis!), and ten budwings, all from Patty. That makes my current collection a whole lot bigger! I am getting ready to spend my summer in a campground in Northeast, Maryland. The mantids will have their own tent, and all the luxuries and freshly caught food that a mantis could want. I am hoping to get orchid mantids this summer, too! I am looking forward to the summer, and all of the fun I will be having, freaking people out when I walk into a public place with a mantis on my shirt. (Cause who doesn't love to do that?)
    - MantisGirl13
  2. MantisGirl13
    I am kind of new to the forum right now, but I am not new to the mantis collecting hobby. I have five L6 Phyllocrania paradoxa, and one L5 Phyllocrania paradoxa. I have two L5 female Sphodromantis gastrica, one L5 Gongylus gongylodes, one L3 Tenodera sinensis, a pre-sub or sub-adult female Miomantis paykulii, and one sub-adult female Blepharosis mendica. I am getting eight new mantids from Patty on Wednesday: a male Miomantis paykulii, five L2-3 budwings, and two L2-3 Brunneria borealis. I will post pictures when I can get a camera (soon!). 
    - MantisGirl13