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    Mantids. EVERYTHING MANTIS! Getting into spiders (Tarantulas, jumping spiders, etc.) and tree frogs. My church and youth group, math, science, etc. are also very important to me.

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  1. What a day! It's barely started! My sister was sick yesterday, and my mom got sick too. I woke up to my brother throwing up, my mom too sick to get out of bed for more than 5 mins, and my dad sick and sleeping. This means that only me and my youngest sister are healthy right now. I have to get her on the bus and somehow avoid getting sick for the next few days. Ugh!

    - MantisGirl13

    1. hysteresis


      Wow. Quite the shenanigans! LoL.

      Lets pray this passes quickly, and that everyone gets healthy.

      And YOU stay healthy. Wash up!

    2. MantisGirl13


      Ya, for sure 

      I have been praying and I will continue to! I have been using hand sanitizer and washing may hands thoroughly ever since I woke up!

      - MantisGirl13

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