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    Mantids. EVERYTHING MANTIS! My church and youth group, math, science, etc.

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About Me

I am in eighth grade, and I am homeschooled by my mom at home. I have two sisters and one brother, and I am the oldest kid. I love math and science, and school is fun for me. 

I have loved mantids ever since the day when we were camping (we camp all summer in Maryland) and a little green thing scuttled across the dinner table. I caught it, and eventually figured out that it was a little Chinese mantis. I named her Flip, and I had her all summer until she died from a mismolt. That winter, I found out more about mantids, and I found out that there were actually exotic mantids. The next summer, I was just walking along a path, and I found this bush on the side of the road that housed a small colony of Tenodera sinensis. I caught and kept several of them over the summer, and I grew to love mantids even more. It was this fall when I finally bought my first exotic mantids from DeShawn. I have grown in my mantis love and knowledge, and I now consider myself to be an experienced mantis keeper.  

I am a saved Christian, and a large part of my life is my church and youth group. I have gone to youth group with mantids so many times that everyone calls me 'Mantis Girl' or 'Bug Lady'. 

I love my life, friends, and mantids, and I could not have been happier when I found out that there was actually a whole forum dedicated to mantids! 

- MantisGirl13



My current collection:

Texas Unicorn Mantis [Phyllovates chlorophea] (3M 2F)

African twig mantis [Popa spurca) (4M) 

Creobroter sp. (1M)

Spiny Flower Mantis [Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii] ( 5F 4M)

Budwing Mantis [Parasphendale affinis] (4F 15+ U)  

Giant Asian Mantis [H. membranacea] (1M)

Kenya Flower Mantis [G. amoena] (2F)

Ghost Mantis [P. paradoxa] (4M 3F)

Orchid Mantis [H. coronatus] (1F)

Thistle Mantis [B. mendica] [1M 1F 14U)

Violin Mantis [G. gongylodes] (26U)

Brunners Mantis [Brunneria borealis] (3F)

Green Anole [Anolis carolinensis] (1M 1F)

Crested Gecko [Rhacodactylus ciliatus] (1U)




My ever-growing want list: (if you have any of these species for sale or trade, please PM me)

Deroplatys sp.

Creobroter sp.

Idolomantis diabolica



New website coming soon! In the next few months I am starting my own business and website to sell their mantids I breed. 

- MantisGirl13