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  1. I ran out of BBFs, as my shipment was delayed by my supplier in order to get fresh pupae. Sadly, none are hatched on arrival. I have houseflies, which everyone but Xena seems okay with. 

    Xena refuses to move or climb on me when I try to handle her 😢 I don't think she likes me lol. She freezes when I come around. Today, she was doing donuts in her enclosure, so I got it out and tried to get her to climb in the mesh cube. She sat still for 15 minutes and I just ended up putting her away. Oh well. It could've been also that her enclosure is kept at 80, and the room was 72. She may not have been handled much by her previous owner, so I'm trying not to take it personally, lol! 

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    2. MantisGirl13


      I hope your pupae hatch soon! I thought my pupae were long gone, but I still have hatches every few days! It is kinda funny that Xena doesn't like you! I hope she warms up to you soon! :) 

      - MantisGirl13

    3. Graceface


      Yes @MantisGirl13 I find it funny, too. I'm so nice! ❤️ All I ever do is feed and care for her lol. All my other mantids have been with me since they were tiny nymphs, so they are used to me and my intrusions. They like it, and get excited to see me. She freezes and flattens herself against the enclosure lid when she sees me, or when I open her enclosure. 

      I think she lived in a terrarium with live plants and wasn't handled much, judging on the way she acts, and the pics I see on her previous owners IG. 

    4. MantisGirl13


      Ya, not being handled much will make her a little shy! 

      - MantisGirl13