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  1. Tried Xena with a new boyfriend, Xander. He got on her back, gave her some "back massages" and tried a few times to connect. Every time he got his abdomen around to make a connection, Xena would use a back foot to 'shoo' him away. Eventually, I gave up and separated the two because Xena was starting to seem agitated and showed little interest. I didn't want Xander to end up as a late dinner 

    So close to a successful connection, but so far away

    1. minomantis


      Just wait like 3-5, feed her a ton, keep her warm and the next time will be smooth. Same thing happened with my Peruvian Leaf Mantis! Good luck!

    2. MantisGirl13


      I hope you can have success soon!

      - MantisGrl13