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  1. Gustav finally molted to adult last night. Came home from work to find him with wings. It's about time! Now, if only Arthur would take a cue from his brother 😊

    Utah is still hanging and looking molty, so she will hopefully molt today. I also have a female orchid who is about to molt to subadult, and is looking ready to molt any second. Hopefully, she will molt tonight, too. 


    1. hysteresis


      Simple recipe:

      1. Make lots of orchid babies. :D
      2. Send some babies north. LoL!
    2. Graceface


      Bellatrix is also currently laying her 3rd infertile oothecca! Went to check on Gustav and found her mid lay 😊

      The recipe is simple @hysteresis but the execution of the instructions... Not so much. I wish these bugs would comply with my demands and just make babies already! 😂