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  1. Xena won't seem to allow a connection with any of my males. Last night, Xander rode her around for 6 hrs giving her back massages and no connection. I'm losing hope that I will be able to mate her. 

    Maybe Utah will be more cooperative in a few weeks when she is mature enough 

    Hop on over to my Instagram to see Xander put on the moves and Xena shut him down! Also a vid of Utah in my story

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    2. hysteresis


      The popular story is that he has a diagnosis of some sort. Apparently there's a recording of him going off all psycho on a phone call to a customer. Who knows!

      Truth is he's known to disappoint in the hobby. People that haven't researched his credibility fall victim.

      His videos are great though. He's charismatic (distracting facial piercings or not).

      I feel disappointed in hearing he has let people down, because you want to like him. You really do!

    3. Graceface


      Yes @Prayingmantisqueen his videos are well viewed on YT, and he uses that to drive traffic to his store, where he sells mantids, supplies, feeders, and other inverts. The bad side is that he doesn't fulfill his orders. They stop replying to emails and the only way to get resolution is to start a case with PayPal and hope they refund you. That is what I eventually had to do.

      He has put out a vid where he discusses having mental health issues, but the bottom line is if you can't ship orders, don't take them. I need to find time to write out breeder feedback on my experience with him. 

      It's a shame, as his videos are helpful and so people get suckered in to buying from him. I think the best thing for YT would be a person making care videos that either doesn't have a store or has a store that isn't a scam. 


    4. Prayingmantisqueen


      Thats bad. Yes Youtube needs a new mantis vloger.