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  1. Xena won't seem to allow a connection with any of my males. Last night, Xander rode her around for 6 hrs giving her back massages and no connection. I'm losing hope that I will be able to mate her. 

    Maybe Utah will be more cooperative in a few weeks when she is mature enough 

    Hop on over to my Instagram to see Xander put on the moves and Xena shut him down! Also a vid of Utah in my story

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    2. hysteresis


      Warm em up 😍

    3. Prayingmantisqueen


      Whats wrong with moon light mantids @Graceface? I never did like his vids but I am curious to know more now!

    4. MantisGirl13


      @Prayingmantisqueen Moonlight Mantids is a scammer. He does a good job on his vids to make people trust him, and then never sends what they order, and hardly ever responds to emails. 

      (This is not from personal experience, just what I've heard from others who got scammed)

      - MantisGirl13

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