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  1. Sad update today:

    I came home from work last night to find Declan on the floor of his enclosure collapsed. He was expected to molt to adult any day now.

    Looks like Declan fell while preparing for his molt. One of his antennae were broken, and you could see the adult antenna sticking out underneath. He was clearly already detaching from his exoskeleton, as he seemed to have no coordination of his limbs and his tarsi were sitting strangely. I tried giving him honey water 3 times, but he couldn't move or grip anything. There was no way he would be able to molt to adult, or survive the way he was, so I put him in the freezer 😭

    R.I.P Declan

    1. hysteresis



    2. hysteresis


      Im so sorry about this, Grace.

      Seems you can't catch a break!

      So much let down in keeping mantises!

    3. Graceface


      @hysteresis This is part of it. You can't have the circle of life, take out a chunk and it still be a circle, ya know? 

      Bugs die in nature from mismolts, we just never see it. I do my best to take great care of the specimens I have, but this kind of thing is going to happen at some point, regardless of my efforts. It is still sad to witness, I must say.

      Declan couldn't even really move his mandibles when I gave him honey water. I had hopes he wasn't in the process of molting when he fell, that he was just dehydrated or weak since he hasn't eaten in days, but it became clear that he had already started loosening his exoskeleton and would be able to recover and molt.

      I tried leaving him overnight on the floor of his enclosure just in case I was wrong and he could rebound. When I awoke, I saw he had tried to get out of his old exoskeleton to no avail. His wings were half out and he was misshapen. I assumed he was dead, but he moved when I picked up his enclosure, so I took him straight to the freezer. 

      I sat with him on my hand, feeding him honey for hours last night, just trying to do what I could. Unfortunately, my mantis medicine skills are limited and no Dr Quinn exists for mantises. I spose I could've taped him up or something, but I have limits as to what I have the stomach to do. It felt cruel. I should've frozen him yesterday, but idk, I didn't want to give up on him too soon

      The world is a harsh place sometimes. I hope I gave him some comfort 

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