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  1. A mantis update:

    A fly shortage at my house has led to a lot of hungry mouths to feed! Luckily, my pupae began eclosing yesterday am and we are back on the flies! Some of my mantids had 6 days of empty bellies waiting for the BBF to hatch; they were all so, so ready to eat yesterday. 


    Bad news: I had to give the freezer treatment to 2 of my Orchids yesterday, Domenic and Margot.

    Domenic made it over 4 months as an adult male orchid, and that is a feat! He must've been 100 in mantis years. Domenic molted to adult 11/7. I found he had collapsed in his enclosure yesterday am. His back 2 remaining legs had ceased to function and he was fading in and out of consciousness. I gave him some honey water and held him in my hand to comfort him before sending him to the big terrarium in the sky. Idk if the scant food in his last days took him out sooner. I may have had another week with him had the food not run so low. He was trying to eat up until the end. Grabbed a fly and wouldn't let go, even though he lacked the coordination to eat it. RIP Buddy ❤️

    Margot was a subadult that mismolted to adult, badly. She decided to molt off of the side of the enclosure regardless of adequate perches being available, and her strategy did not work out well. She got stuck in her molt, and it looks like she tried to climb out but failed. I have no idea how long she was like this, contorted on the wall of her enclosure, unable to inflate her wings. She had clearly hardened her exoskeleton and was beyond help. I thought she was dead, until I saw her move and then it was straight to the freezer to end her pain. Poor girl 😔 This was the more disturbing of the 2, as I knew Dom was on his way out due to age. 

    Sad mantis day yesterday around here

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    2. hysteresis
    3. Graceface


      Yes, @MantisGirl13 he made it 5 weeks longer than any other male I've had. He was a great little dude and I miss him

    4. RebelleSinner


      I’m sorry that’s tough stuff poor guy