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  1. I decided to name the surviving adult female Xena, the warrior princess (since she is a fighter). She is doing well, though she seems scared of me 😢 She gets startled when I get around her, and doesn't like to be or seems reluctant to be handled. Her previous owner may not have handled her much if at all. I will win her over eventually with persistence and Blue Bottle Flies! 

    I plan on pairing her with Domenic for a first attempt at breeding on Monday. He is getting old at 9 wks mature, but I'm hoping he still has the right stuff to get the job done!

    Anyone know what age male orchids lose fertility/potency? I will attempt a 2nd round either way with one of my freshly molted male when they are old enough. 

  2. Sad news: one of the females I received yesterday didn't make it. She died overnight. I knew it was coming, as she wouldn't eat or drink and was propping herself up with a raptorial arm, looking an inch from death. I tried my best to take good care of her in her last hours 😢

    The other seems to have recovered from the cold journey and ate 3 BBFs yesterday afternoon before I went to work. This morning, she is happily hanging upside down from her enclosure lid, watching me with curiosity 

    Now, it's time to go feed some bugs 

    1. hysteresis


      Sorry she didn't make it. 😔

    2. Graceface


      Me too 😭 She was in bad shape when she arrived; I thought she was dead. I had little hope she would survive, but tried my best to save her anyway. She was really pretty, she had yellow coloration which I hadn't seen in person yet

      I'm happy the other seems to be doing okay, at least they aren't both dead. 

    3. Prayingmantisqueen
  3. Orchid update: I'm expecting 2 adult female Orchids tomorrow and I'm so excited! My newly molted males will have girlfriends after all! I haven't attempted any breeding yet, so this marks a new chapter for me in my mantis journey. Hoping to have good news to share in the next week about the results

    Ghosts: No new adults yet, but Bellatrix is looking fatter than normal. How long will it take for her to start laying ooth? She hasn't been bred, as I have no adult males, but she has been adult for a month now

    1. MantisGirl13


      Yay! I hope you have luck with breeding the orchids!!! Bellatrix should lay any day now. 

      - MantisGirl13

    2. hysteresis


      Finally, some great news!

      I'm super stoked to hear more in the near future.

      When you have ooths galore, I'll have to fly out and do some cross border shopping! 🤣

    3. Graceface


      They should be here in the next hour! Exciting! I'll take pics and post in my photo thread

  4. Graceface you are wonderful, meticulous shipping and total pro to deal with. Thank you for the detailed on dates and info on the mantids received in perfect health. Well done! Highly recommended and hope you have more things for me to do business with you for! Keep in Touch.