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  1. I’ve been struggling getting the temperature up to optimum and that’s with 2 heat mats and 3 long tube heaters. While working out a way to save on wasted heat I put Claude the rainforest on a Parlour Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) container plant which he seemed to enjoy and as heat rises I put him up high and found I was hitting the right temperature. I’m fertilising with organic nutrients. When I returned to the room he was half way through a molt. It must have been ok conditions wise to shed so I left him there. He has now been living on the plant (Free Range) in my spare room for 4 days and seems very happy there. When he gets bigger I’ll have to swap plants and obviously with wings there may be cause for concern. Feeding wise I’ll either have to remove him temporarily or use the tweezers. With the humidity I’m misting the foliage daily and through transpiration of the leaves. Also the Oxygen from the plant will help him. Having fun here in cloudy old England. ✌️ 

    1. MantisGirl13


      Good luck getting the conditions right, and Gratz on the molt!

      - MantisGirl13

    2. Foxhill


      I went in the Mantid room this morning and I looked all over the plant he was living on and he was nowhere to be seen. I thought oh dear hes gone. I looked up and realized he was sitting on another plant about 3 foot away. I might return him to the tank but it was rather amusing.

    3. MantisGirl13


      I'm glad he didn't go too far!

      - MantisGirl13