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  1. I've rearranged the Mantid room which looks much better and I've given myself more space to work with. Ill hopefully be ordering another 2 male Orchids to try one more attempt at mating Ezi before she dies of old age. Shes produced another ooth which will be infertile as the first I incubated for just over 12 weeks which I left in the tank which wasn't ideal, I was so scared of damaging it. after removing 2 of them I feel much more confident with dealing with them and so that is slight progress in that area I suppose. I've hot glued it to the mesh lid of a plastic cup,    just for practice ,  My day of glory Will come but how long that will take is anybody's guess. Moving forward Ive had Ezi free ranged for the past month and have been providing humidity in the room itself with fish pumps and water heaters which is bad on fuel but it has been amusing to see her sat in a different place most mornings. I came in to see her on the side of Ghosts tank and the poor little thing was stood on a pebble probably scared half to death and so I thought it was time to return her to the tank. I set up a water feature in one of my tanks and I could tell that the air was perfect in circulation, temperature and humidity but the only problem with it is the constant buzzing noise which you always get with them and I decided to remove it as I thought the vibrating BBBUUUURRRRR of those devices wouldn't be very nice for the creatures as I used to find it very annoying and still do. If I can find some silent pumps (in your dreams) I will be doing more on that front. Ive seen the Exo Terra mist/smoke devices and the 'rainfall' thing reasonably priced and so I would like to explore that in the future and the next time i'm in the new shop I have discovered Ill scratch his brain about the issue. i know that many Mantids don't require all the fancy gadgetry and high tech instruments but what the heck.....its fun !  :D

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      Sounds like you have been busy and having fun!!

      - MantisGirl13