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  1. I am one bummed out dude. 😔

    Male bleph is done. I dont think he can turn around. Been on with a thermometer and kept him where he should be. Just dont know what happened. His sister looks alright, though not as active as she was last night. She climbs, and walked on me for a minute. Man. How do they survive in nature? 85 to 90 is good for blephs. Just dont get it.

    Maybe a January ship isnt so good for blephs. My seller knew itd be a tough deal.

    Still very pleased with my deal though. 🙂

    1. Graceface


      Cold weather shipping is no joke, especially in a polar vortex. I lost an adult female orchid to cold weather shipping recently. 

      I hope your female hangs in there! 

      All in all, sounds like you are a busy and happy mantis dad 😊❤️

      How are the rest doing? 

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