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  1. Do orchid's bellies ever go flat, or do they stay round?

    I haven't fed mine for a few days and their bellies are still plump and round.

    They have been pooping. Ickk! Believe that!

    They each had a waxworm segment Feb 1st.

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    2. MantisGirl13


      Ya, mine are constantly hungry! I bet yours will molt soon!

      - MantisGirl13

    3. Graceface


      Yes, molt incoming! 

    4. hysteresis


      Before bed, I threw in some hydei overnight and they just left them alone.

      So before work, I dumped the hydei, rinsed their cups, and changed out their cotton substrate pads. Warned the wife too.

      Should be good. ;)  Thanks y'all! :D