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  1. Do orchid's bellies ever go flat, or do they stay round?

    I haven't fed mine for a few days and their bellies are still plump and round.

    They have been pooping. Ickk! Believe that!

    They each had a waxworm segment Feb 1st.

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    2. Graceface


      Yes, but I find they are almost constantly hungry from L4 thru subadult. The closer to a molt, the less their bellies flatten. I offer food, and if they don't eat, I take it away. If they put off food, they are about to molt, otherwise they seem to be bottomless pits. 

    3. hysteresis


      Okay. No holds barred!  😆

    4. hysteresis


      Okay. No prey eaten.

      They both swatted away BSFL.

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