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  1. I just swapped out the filter paper in my nymph cup lids with tulle. I wanted to increase ventilation.

    To be able to do this is this dry house, I've reverted back to a steam humidifier in the room my mantis shelf is in. Now I keep a room humidity between 40 and 50%.

    This should be far better than relying solely on cotton pads for humidity. Just a quick pump or two with my fine mister.

    I think this will be safer for my spinys in the long run.

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    2. MantisGirl13


      Sounds great! Congrats on the molt! Can we see some pics of the eye?

      - MantisGirl13

    3. hysteresis


      @MantisGirl13 wow, i'm getting old.  My eyes must be deteriorating, because I got in real tight with the DSLR zoom, and now I can see it's indeed damage.

      From most angles, unaided eye, you see no irregularities in the spherical surface of the eye. Just the black patch.  But as soon as I zoomed in, and more clearly in some angles of incidence than others, you can see a dimpling. The eye looks rotten. This guy, active and healthy as he otherwise appears, has a rotten eye. Maybe an injury during molt, maybe damage from a cricket. That would have been over a molt ago. I don't have any crickets nor do I have immediate plans to get any.

      DSC_0010.JPG?raw=1 he

    4. MantisGirl13


      Put some honey on it asap and it might fix itself next molt. It is indeed damage!

      - MantisGirl13