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  1. I just swapped out the filter paper in my nymph cup lids with tulle. I wanted to increase ventilation.

    To be able to do this is this dry house, I've reverted back to a steam humidifier in the room my mantis shelf is in. Now I keep a room humidity between 40 and 50%.

    This should be far better than relying solely on cotton pads for humidity. Just a quick pump or two with my fine mister.

    I think this will be safer for my spinys in the long run.

    1. hysteresis


      So cool that my other megaera boy just molted.

      I'm not sure if I should be concerned. Last molt I realized one eye is pretty much all black. I thought he might've injured it and watched him closely enough. No issues. 

      After this molt, the eye is still strikingly black. No change. Acts normal. 

      Is this kind of coloration thing possible? I wonder...

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