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  1. Our female greenie molted to L4.

    It would be cliche to name her, Green Goblin, and I said I wouldn't do ghosty names.  But Emerald - Emmy for short. Jade. Good names.

    We'll see if she stays green. Her coloration is patchy, and most prominent in the frilly leafy areas.  She's actually kinda olive green. That's a candidate for a name too. Olive.

    We'll see how she looks once her exo sets up.

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    2. Graceface


      Yes, ideally you wouldn't want any prey in the enclosure for a molt, however... Ive had many mantids molt perfectly fine with flies in the enclosure (house, BBF and FF). It isn't necessarily a make or break it for the molt to occur, if you follow me. 

      But yes, try to remove any flies if you know a molt is due

    3. hysteresis


      My crew molts predictably. She was next up and molted on time.

      I have three more ghosts and a spiny on my molt shelf.

      HAHA just looked over. Ghost 3 is dropping as I type this. She jumped the schedule by one day. Still, my molt shelf is for the next two molt days sequentially. Any can molt whenever they decide to. I just put them up and away from little hands.

      I love this hobby. 😁

    4. MantisGirl13


      Congrats on all of the molts!!! 

      - MantisGirl13