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  1. Our female greenie molted to L4.

    It would be cliche to name her, Green Goblin, and I said I wouldn't do ghosty names.  But Emerald - Emmy for short. Jade. Good names.

    We'll see if she stays green. Her coloration is patchy, and most prominent in the frilly leafy areas.  She's actually kinda olive green. That's a candidate for a name too. Olive.

    We'll see how she looks once her exo sets up.

    1. Graceface


      I like Olive, or Emmy 👍

    2. hysteresis


      Both names are great.

      I'll snap pics tomorrow.  She's still hanging, stretching fluffing up, doing her molty thang.

      Here she is in the last half of her actual shed. While watery / blurry, you can see she's greener in the edges than in the main body.

      I had to manipulate the cup because she molted right after I sprayed. The plastic foliage I have in there held her close by manner of water surface tension as she dropped. I manipulated her angle gently and ensured she had a clean hang. I'm pretty sure she'd have been fine unassisted, but i'm a man that can't afford to lose a green ghost to a mismolt.

      That's if she holds her colour. Another reason for the plastic foliage.


    3. hysteresis


      I knew she was imminent. Not sure why I let her keep her hydei.

      I'd better review this practice, because I saw that they do disturb them by walking on them, although unlikely if they're away from stuff in the first place.

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