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  1. I decided to only post molt updates weekly now, but i'll make exception on one because i'm so stoked. One of my R. megaera males just molted to what I believe is i7. You can REALLY see the size difference in molts with this one. And I suspect it'll continue to be so until he's an adult. I was just wrapping up for the night and saw he'd molted. So exciting!

    Sorry for the spotty cup. Nonetheless, one can see the growth after the molt.



    This will be his last instar spent in a deli cup.



    This one with flash. I suppose we should see his shield become more and more prominent with each remaining molt. One can see a back leg has a curve to it. He completed the molt successfully though. It won't be an issue through his instar, i'm sure.


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    2. hysteresis


      Thanks! He's cute.

    3. MantisGirl13


      Wow! Congrats on the molt! He's beautiful!

      - MantisGirl13

    4. hysteresis


      The hue difference between his body and legs really comes out under flash.

      Ty. 😊