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  1. Bittersweet. Very bittersweet.

    Awoke to a badly mismolted R. megaera - the one with the bum eye so... He tried to pull off his sweater, but his head and arms got stuck. He had been weak for days. More later. RIP. 

    Came home from work excited to unpack the new kids fresh off the plane. Found my female gongy dead. Le sigh... she was also a bit weak last night and hadn't been eating much. ..  RIP.

    Good news is I have a greatly bolstered mendica crew. All arrived well (so far), including the free mismolt ill be hand feeding, hopefully to health.

    I also have three healthy (so far) panthers. So cute!  Included was a free mismolted onre but it perished in transit. RIP.


    1. hysteresis


      Oh, also, my friend sent a care pack of some BBF. Chimp chomp chomp.

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