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  1. An update for my frenz 😎

    My slip and fall on the ice (last week) that hurt my shoulder is more serious than first thought. Going on nine days and I still have big pain (sometimes near overwhelming when articulating the joint) thus reduced use of the arm. I know I have to use it, stretch it,  etc. to avoid "frozen shoulder". So, I stretch, and grimace. Guh.

    Doctor told me to give it another week. I do have my referral for an ultrasound. Just waiting until Wednesday or so to see if there's improvement.

    It's painful feeding mantises and mucking out their stalls. LoL. Bathing my sons is brutal. Picking up even a coffee cup requires thought in order to avoid bolts of pain.

    I know, I know. Poor baby.

    Oh! And I have a man cold. It's terrible. 🙄

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    2. hysteresis


      Oh my. What a good idea. LoL.

      I'll start by hiding their tablets and PS4. 🙄

    3. MantisGirl13


      Good idea! Then when they come to you complaining about boredom, give them a job! That's what my mom always does!

      - MantisGirl13

    4. hysteresis


      They have light chores occasionally. They do help me feed the collection occasionally. Never hydei duty, though. 🤪

      Im close to done with hydei for now. The Panthers have taken some hydei as well as 1/4 pin crickets. And L4 ghosts and spinys still get some near molt time. 

      You know, I find they strongly prefer BBF larvae over BSF larvae.