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  1. Well, I have three BSF this morning! It's been a long haul getting them to pupate and eclose.

    Perhaps they'll bridge the lapse until my BBF start eclosing. I have a couple dozen BBF pupae so far. Everything is chugging along nicely!

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    2. hysteresis


      I choose not to imagine a world where I'd have to fight a mantis for the lives of me and my family. 😫

    3. MantisGirl13


      Lol :)

      Ya, I probably wouldn't keep mantids as pets if they were that big! They would eat me out of house and home! LITERALLY! 

      - MantisGirl13

    4. hysteresis


      Every day, I have 6 - 10 BSF eclose. NICE!  I have them in a dollar store bin with mesh.  I mist the coco earth lightly.

      I scoop them up within a mesh cube,. into small capped plastic bottles for dissemination.

      *still staring at my BBF pupae*