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  1. You know you've hit mantis nirvana, when you get a bar fridge just to store your fly larvae! 


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    2. hysteresis


      I'll throw my diet cokes in there too.

      Still have a ton of spikes. Those BSF are providing enough flies daily. 

    3. Graceface


      I've considered it, honestly. Right now my flies have a bin in the kitchen fridge and I have an old styrofoam cooler I use to keep my feeders cold while feeding. 

    4. hysteresis


      Marcie doesn't want maggots in our fridge. Clean, or not.

      What a doll for tolerating it this long. I mean, 2oz cups in the butter compartment loaded up. 3x250 packs in the crisper.

      She works at a nursing home. It was a 'donation item' from a former resident's family. 👻