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  1. I am very hopeful that this second round of BBF spikes from rainbowmealworms.net is very productive. I already have several dozen nice pupae I've separated out for the first zip bag. The rest from that bag I've left to pupate in a cup. The other three bags (all still wriggly spikes) are in cups, in the fly fridge. 

    I want an abundance of flies for my crew. ❤️

    1. Jaywo


      I got a good batch as well. Three good batches. I think they just had a few bad batches before and fixed the issue. Got good hatches.

    2. hysteresis


      To be fair, I was on a learning curve. I figure I cooked and dried the first pack with too much heat. 

      Also, not enough humidity in here in the winter. I can fix that moving forward next winter. (let's not talk about next winter yet) 

      Also, I should have removed the spikes from little zips as soon as I got them last time. I did this time. 

      The last bags of spikes were flaky as they were 5-6 weeks old by then. 

      With my gained experience, I expect them to eclose by Friday give or take.