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  1. Lost one of the stalli nymphs, along with one bleph nymph from the other day, so I still have my six and six.

    Less fortunately, my panther female mismolted to adult.

    What can ye do? 😖

    1. Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      This hobby can be so hard :( I know the losses suck but BIG Congrats on your successful Orchid Breeding ❤️

    2. MantisGirl13


      Oh no! Sorry for your losses. Is the panther salvageable?

      - MantisGirl13

    3. Foxhill


      It can be a tough game were involved with. Losses happen all the time in the wild though. R.I.P, Peace out to the dead homeys.