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  1. Wow. rainbowmealworms.net.

    Ordered 1250 BBF spikes. Three of five zippies weren't sealed right. Im down 451 spikes. This is the second time zippies werent sealed. 

    Not impressed when I have to pay FedEx shipping on top of the price for the spikes. 

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    2. MantisGirl13


      Gosh! I'd contact the company and demand replacement!

      - MantisGirl13

    3. hysteresis


      I will today. That's an outrageous loss. I mean, they ship spikes in zippies, then place those into stapled-shut insulated envelopes with gel packs, then place those in a box. 

      Where'd the spikes go? They never made it to the insulated packs in the first place. Can't even blame handling. 

    4. hysteresis


      @MantisGirl13 they credited me 500 spikes. It doesnt cover the extra shipping cost (Incredible. Each additional zippy of 250 spikes adds approx $6USD) but I'll take it.