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  1. OMG today was one of those days :( 

    Woke up this morning to a dead Thistle nymph. It was trying to molt to L3 *Cries* Its four siblings did fine but for some reason, this lil guy fell and died. 

    However my Giant Asian is doing well and eating well,  with her two legs LOL

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    2. Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      I so understand and omg so sorry :(

      Mine was also the right temp the right humidity, should have been a breeze. But we can do this. Others are so we just have to find our niche!

      How many do you have left?

    3. hysteresis


      Just the same you have, but en route.

      He was my last from my last batch of 3.

      At a loss. 

    4. Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      Yeah this really makes me want to order more, please let me know how it goes with the new batch, maybe we can compare notes and figure this out :)