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  1. OMG today was one of those days :( 

    Woke up this morning to a dead Thistle nymph. It was trying to molt to L3 *Cries* Its four siblings did fine but for some reason, this lil guy fell and died. 

    However my Giant Asian is doing well and eating well,  with her two legs LOL

    1. hysteresis


      Thistles are brutal. Esp. final molt. I've lost 2 of 3 thistles I've had. My remaining male is sub and ready to molt. They did fine until final molt. 🤐

    2. Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      Granny's Mantis Mayhem

      Wow, that really sucks, please wish me luck. I'm thinking about ordering more so I can try to at least get two out of the bunch.

    3. hysteresis


      Mismolt #3 as we speak. 

      What am I doing wrong ##&? 

      This time he had good humidity, waxworms and spikes. House isn't too dry. 

      I'm baffled. 

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