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About Me

Hello :) 

I'm a married mother of 4 grown people and the grandmother of 5 little people. I'm currently raising three of my beautiful grandbabies and its because of my oldest granddaughter (she's ten) that I got into Mantis. My 8-year-old granddaughter got us into tarantulas lol. Our youngest grandchild is 6 and right now he is just into Ninja Turtles. 

After reading about all the scams and bad online stores, I was very worried and hesitant about ordering. I found my first mantis at a local reptile store (humble) and that was it we were hooked. Wanting more we contacted our first breeder Amanda and because of her and the great experience, she provided our collection grew and then I started ordering from Yen Saw.  Thanks to these to breeders I was able to overcome my fears and wade into the ever-growing mantis hobby. 

Our horde includes - 2 dogs, 1 tarantula and currently 26 mantids (five species) but that grows just about every two weeks :) 


Our story began about a year and a half before we started collecting when my oldest granddaughter asked for a praying mantis. When she made her request I told her she would have to study for three months, and when she was done if she could tell me how to raise and care for a mantis I would get her one. I thought she would give up and lose interest, but she studied for over a year and when asked could recite the basic care of a mantis and its needs.

I will be honest, for a while I put it off, we were busy or was it I maybe didn't want bugs in the house LOL we will never know. One thing I do know for certain is I had no idea I fall so quickly for this hobby that surrounds these beautiful alien-like creatures.
Fast forward to February of 2019 and a family visit to a local reptile store. During our visit, we ended up bringing home our very first tarantula an Avic Avic (Pink Toe) named Zack and our first mantis a Spiny flower or Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii named Humble. These two new pets put us on the path to serious hobbyist.
As our collection expanded my grandchildren asked if we could breed and raise some babies *gasp*. After much research I was certain, I could just have loads of mantids without breeding and then one fateful day my breeder echoed the children in suggesting I breed and at the very least trade or sale the ooths.
After several family meetings, Granny's Mantis Mayhem was born. Our intention is to aid others in a fun-filled hobby for the individual or family.
Granny’s Mantis Mayhem is a family hobby that we have chosen to share.