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Master of Science-Biology (organismal and ecology concentration). For my thesis I studied the effects of a predator on the physiology, behavior, and morphology of a prey species. I used a fish and frog system to help answer my research questions. 

Bachelor of Science-Biology (organismal and environmental concentration).

East Carolina University

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Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB)
North Carolina Herpetological Society (NCHS)
North Carolina Partners in Reptile and Amphibian Conservation (NCPARC)
Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
East Carolina University Herpetology Club
Friends of the Aurora Fossil Museum
North Carolina Fossil Club (NCFC)


I have held a life-long fascination with mantids that started when I was a very young child and has not waned with age. It amazes me to see all of the species available to the hobbyist. When I was a kid I found Chinese and Carolina mantids by the dozens and was often called the "bug man" by family and friends. I spent my free time in the field looking for all sorts of critters. When I wasn't in the field I was in the library reading books on bugs and other animals. I recall a favorite book on mantids that I read hundreds of times. Recently I found a copy of that book and the smell of the pages and the pictures takes me right back to those innocent days. We didn't have the internet in those days and I knew of nobody else who shared my interest in mantids. As far as I know there was no real mantis hobby in the U.S. like there is today.
Along with mantids my interests include reptiles/amphibians and birds. I spend a good deal of time bird watching and looking for herps (reptiles and amphibians).
I also have a life long interest in fossils. Growing up in the midwest meant that fossils were not too numerous and mainly consisted of things like crinoid stems and brachiopods. Fortunately I live in the Southeast now and fossils are plentiful. I have found amazing things from mastodons to megalodons. I spend a great deal of time and energy fossil hunting which often rewards me with amazing specimens.