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    first live one i found 10/8/13

    S. limbata does not occur where you are. It looks like T. angustipennis.
  2. Rick

    the other 2 i found today10/8/13

    S. limbata doesn't occur where she lives.
  3. Rick

    Finally Adult!

    Turn it over. Females have a wide abdomen with six segments and it ends in a downward point. Males have a thin abdomen ending in a "cup" shape structure that faces upwards. The abdomens of male and female adults look quite different. It is easy to tell at a glance.
  4. Rick

    Finally Adult!

    Both sexes have full length wings on that species. All you should have to do with adults is take a glance at the abdomen. Females have a much larger "horn" on the head.
  5. At what point do we plan on editing the existing sheets to fall in line with the template? I also suggest we leave out any subjective information such as "this is a cool mantis", or "people keep this mantis because....."
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